Production downtime is expensive. A.R. Services will keep your equipment functioning smoothly with preventative maintenance programs that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. And you can rest assured that when the unexpected happens, our service department will respond, assess, and correct the problem fast. We know your industry and equipment and we can meet your high standards for quality and performance.

  • Cookers
  • Ovens  
  • Proofers  
  • Fryers
  • Mixers  
  • Fridges  
  • Freezers  
  • Scalders

Temperature | Relative Humidity | Pressure pH | Conductivity | Liquid Flow Metering Radar Level Sensors | Vacuum

  • Process controls, recording devices, sensors and plc's
  • Experienced in HACCP Environments and Practice GMPs
  • Almond Board of California Process Authority for Almond Pasteurization DV User Program
  • Experienced in equipment installations, commissioning, calibration, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • WHMIS Certified
  • 24 Hour Service, 7 Days a Week